Category: Unix

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants October 15th, 2013

I recently created a new theme for my personal site*, and was struck anew by how many Open Source Software packages this site is built on top of.  To name a few of the essential ones:

In other words, every layer of the Web stack, which I use every day for fun and for profit, is powered by Open Source Software.  It would be beyond impossible to deploy a website today with rich, interactive experiences without these fundamental pillars.  I owe so much to Linux, Open Source, and Open Standards, and it is only right that I acknowledge this fact.

* Many thanks, also, to David Goines, who graciously allowed me to use his artwork in the new site design.

Removing file extensions with sed May 12th, 2010

I need the following sed one-liner periodically, and I thought it was useful enough to share here. Other versions I’ve seen chopped off everything after the first dot, which doesn’t work for files with a dot in the basename. This one does:

sed s/\.[^\.]*$//

Sample Usage:

bsterne@zodiac:~$ ls /video | sed s/\.[^\.]*$// | head -n5
2001: A Space Odyssey
40 Year Old Virgin, The
A Bronx Tale
A Clockwork Orange